Ache is a demon of The Blood born with extensive physical deformaties.


Born at the start of the Blood Trials, Ache was one of the many Bloodborne subjected to the controversial practice of Altered Genesis - A process meant to birth superior soldiers in reduced time.  Ache was deemed to be born incorrectly, but unlike most in his position his life was sparred. His true fate however was not much better, as he was used as a test subject to try and determine why so many of the Altered Bloodborne were being born deformed. When he finally escaped the facility his captors didn't even bother to go after him, thinking he would be dead in a week.

He managed to survive as a scavenger of the war, living off the abandoned settlements and fallen soldiers. Then one day he encountered a dying angel on one of his patrols. Unsure of what to do, he tried to nurse her back to health but only managed to keep her alive for a few days. She tried to explain to him the crimes his people had committed, although as a foot soldier she was not entirely clear on the specifics of what it meant to tamper with genes. Suffice to say, living things are the creation of the Almighty, and to distort them was an affront to His will. This was the first time he truly understood what had been done to him, and why he was born into a life of so much pain. He vowed to find those responsible, and make them pay for the suffering they had caused.

Even after the end of the war and the fall of the Bloodborne Empire, Ache continued his quest, becoming somewhat of a conspiracy nut. He then heard whispers of a new empire forming, seeking those with the knowledge of Altered Genesis. He followed the stories to find Heritage, and helped Lust in defeating him. Afterwards, he joined with Lust who had a common goal of uncovering the secrets of her fallen race.