Please note that most, if not all reliable information on earlier Ages is lost to the characters themselves. It is unofficial yet what role a higher power plays in the initial events.


  1. Evermore - A transitory period of infinite relativity, everything and nothing all at once, ending abruptly with the delineation of Time and Space.
  2. The First Primordials - Being of pure energy escape singularity and are born into existence.
  3. Creation - The physical Universe is born, and matter builds together to form worlds.
  4. The Birth of Evolution - Life crosses into the physical realm, taking form and rapidly changing along with the worlds around them.
  5. The First Dawn - A group of lifeforms reach Sentience and become Those of Old. They band together to create the First Kingdom.
  6. The Age of Sky and Stone - An age of prosperity and rapid expansion. Those of Old form an official society with governance and regulation.
  7. Original Sin - The First War is waged between newly formed factions, literally splitting the Universe in half. The defeated revolutionaries are banished to the newly formed Hell.
  8. The Age of Isolation / Age of Independence - Metaphysical borders are constructed, causing the immortals on each world to develop separately. They evolve into Angels and Demons. Ended when the Demons break through the barrier.
  9. Reemergence - The Demons spread throughout the Universe and again go to war with the Angels. Both sides come to a fragile truce with the Treaty of Dominion.
  10. The Blood Trials - Angels form a crusade to wipe out the controversial practice of Blood Magic.
  11. The Quantum War - The advanced weapons from the Blood Trials prematurely summon the Primordials, which threaten to send the Universe back to the Evermore. They are stopped by an act of Transcendence
  12. The New Dawn - An age of limited unity in an attempt to understand the repercussions of the Quantum War.