Alabaster is an angel of high rank within the Ordained.


Alabaster first began as a town guard in one of the angelic states of Purgatory, where his constant skirmishes with Demons drove him to develop an intense hatred of demons Alabaster quickly rose to become one of the most promising candidates, and his fierce determination struck fear in both his enemies and his rivals.

One missions however proved disastrous, when a squadron of trainees was sent out with bad information and ended up encountering the demon warlord Brimstone. Brimstone ambushed them, using his special blend of hellfire that burned off the skin and could not be treated by the angelic healers. Alabaster was written off as one of the casualties, but he managed to arrange to have the final test to enter the Ordained, the fabrication of a Soularm. Instead of creating a weapon, he created a new set of skin, making him a living weapon for the forces of Heaven. Alabaster made it his personal mission to end Brimstone.

To this end he ordered a strike team to invade his dominion. It was an intense battle that raged for days, but eventually the angels emerged victorious. Alabaster, one of the only survivors, finished off the rest of the demons except for one small boy, Indulgence. Seeing enough deaths for one day he desided to spare the boy for one night and kill him in the morning.

He would never get to it however, as The Silver Inquisitor who saw the boy as an opportunity to see if a demon could survive the process of becoming one of the Ordained. Alabaster was skeptical of the idea of harboring a demon, much less arming one - but the Silver Inquisitor managed to trick him into volunteering be the demons master. Though initially resentful of the boy and the assignment, he eventually grew a wavering attachment to the demon. He raised him with tales of the evils done by his people, and personally taught him the ways of demonslaying. When the boy was old enough, he and even arranged for him to have a soularm created.


Alabaster's skin is the highly concentrated silver compound found in soularms, meaning even touching a demon could cause permanent damage.


Alibaster has a very intense and domineering energy. He has a sense of justice that borders on fanatasism, and will not hesitate to strike down those in the wrong.