The "Amberman" (or "Ambermen" when multiplied) is a strange creature of unknown origin that Willow encounters in the desert.


Nothing is known of the Ambermen's origin, but it would seem that they are native to a much less dry environment then the desert where they were first encountered.

Willow first found a strange creature in the desert, badly wounded and dehydrated. Upon giving it water, it was able to heal itself and burst into several identical creatures. Willow named the creatures Ambermen and grew quickly attached to them. The Ambermen echoed her sentiment, treating her much like a queen and defending her whenever anything threatened her. They quickly became a beloved member of the team.

The Ambermen accompanied Willow until Torrid was revealed to be working for The Constant and destroyed them in order to kidnap her. It is unknown whether there are more Ambermen out there somewhere.


The Ambermen in their natural state are five to ten inches tall with oversized, round heads and no visible facial features. They have amber colored skin that is highly elastic, allowing their bodies to be highly malleable and stretchy.

Their biology is highly dependent on water, with drinking large amounts allowing them to accomplish feats such as healing damaged tissue and growing in mass. They can also separate into several copies of the original.

They operate under some kind of hive mind or telepathic link between the men, as they are able to act in unison and can convey messages to each other over large distances. In addition, when the majority of the Ambermen were destroyed by Torrid, the one accompanying Winter was destroyed.