The House of the Bloodbourne was a highly advanced demon society that eventually fell from forces both internal and external.


The House of the Bloodbourne stood through time as one of the longest lasting dynasties that traced back thousands of years. They were known for their advances made in both science and art, culminating in a highly tuned genetics program called 'bloodweaving'. By selecting predestined traits and abilities they were able to create a higher form of life, commonly referred to as being 'of the blood'. Many other cultures feared and reviled the practice os bloodweaving, though the Bloodborne still forbid many forms of genetic tampering that were too unethical. This process over time allowed them to create a veritable utopia of intricately interwoven people.

The Blood TrialsEdit

This utopia did not go unnoticed by others, particularly the angels, who saw the bloodweaving process as sacrilege. This was the start of The Blood Trials, a crusade against all peoples that dabbled in genetic manipulation.

The Bloodborne managed to hold back the angels for as long as possible, but soon the toll had become all too evident. In time the scientists decided to abandon their ethical restraints and begin tinkering with 'Accelerated Genesis'. These experiment were highly effective, manufacturing an entire fleet of soldiers in the time it used to take to make a single offspring.

There were even scientists who experimented on further enhancing the soldiers with augmented strength, agility, and intelligence. These practices had a moderate level of failure, soldiers born with hideous mutations and defects, but with the rapid manufacture rate they could easily be terminated and replaced. Of course, these more questionable ventures were top secret, and the rumors were quickly covered up.

Unfortunately, it soon became obvious that some of the defective soldiers had managed to go unnoticed, particularly those with mental problems. By the time it had been determined that a high percentage had developed psychotic tendencies, they had already infiltrated to become a large portion of the population. These irregular births were cursed out as the Shifted.

The public soon found out about the defective soldiers and quickly succumbed to acts of persecution and retaliation, blaming them for the increasing hardships of war, as well as those in charge for allowing such procedures. This new internal strife made a quick victory for the angels. Within a matter of decades nearly all traces of the Bloodborne had been purged from the universe, leaving few survivors scattered to the wind.

New EraEdit

After the events of the Culmination, a new sect of the Blood Crest begins to emerge as the few survivors start to rebuild. This is largely due to the efforts of survivors such as Lust, who establishes a commune of those affected by the Quantum War. Her future generations in fact take much honor in representing the wave of New Bloodborne.