Brackeel Island is a self contained island-city-state known mostly for it's export of silkscale products. It is the homeland of Luff, also known as Shoal.

For unknown reasons, Brackeel Island was the birthplace of an abnormally large amount of casters, beings able to project energy. These individuals were often met with fear, and violent confrontations were not uncommon. This was the beginning of a culture of fear ignorance around the "Fuses", as they were dubbed. Persecuted, some of the fuses would start a campaign of retaliation against those in charge.

The most infamous case was that of Jetsam, a fuse that caused a swath of destruction after breaking out of prison on false charges. He killed several guards before being killed himself by Luff, who was celebrated as a folk hero.

This would begin to change when Neutron of the Wanderers called a town meeting to introduce Luminance, an old friend of hers who happened to be a caster. Luminance performed a dazzling display of energy projection, and showed that fuses were capable of much more than destruction. The Islanders were unsure until Luff himself joined the show, revealing himself to be a fuse.


The name derives from 'brackish', alluding to the early peaceful coexistence of Angel and Demon inhabitants, and 'keel' the underside of a boat.