The term "Enhanced Genesis" or "Altered Genesis" refers to a controversial practice used by the Bloodborne at the peak of the Blood Trials to rapidly create superior soldiers. Where normal birthing processes consisted of basic eugenics and selective gene dispersion, Enhanced Genesis went a step further and actually changed the genetic structure of the subject.


Genetic enhancement and biological perfection were key aspects of the Bloodborne culture and their birthing technology known as Bloodweaving. Even so, to actively manipulate the biological inner workings was for the longest time seen as obscene, a perversion of nature instead of a perfection. Even when the idea was only theoretical, it was met with great resistance.

Regardless, scientists unmoved by moral mitigation were eventually able to tamper with the genetic code with a measure of success. The controversy soon divided the empire, but although many supported a new method of genetic excellence the majority still saw it as sacrilege. The process was officially banned, though rumors remained that it was being perfected behind closed doors.

It was around this time that the Bloodborne came under the enhanced scrutiny of the Angelic High Council. They held the opinion that genetic tampering of any kind was an affront to the Almighty, and started the crusade known as the Blood Trials to destroy any such technologies. In the heat of all out war, Enhanced Genesis became a necessary solution to deal with the Angelic Army.

Soldiers began being produced with augmented strength and stamina. There were mishaps, soldiers born dead or deformed, but they were easily dealt with. For the most part, Enhanced Genesis was determined to be a success and all of the Houses began mass producing to try and turn the tide of the war. By the time the more subtle defects became apparent, it was already too late, the Altered Blood made up a large portion of the population. Many began to succumb to madness, becoming increasingly violent and delusional. It was the end of an empire for The Blood.