Heritage is a demon of The Blood who serves as an adversary of Lust.


Heritage was born by a father outside of the Bloodborne, making his status as a halfborn a major detriment to his place in society during the Blood Trials. This changed significantly after the downfall of the Bloodborne Empire. With so few members left surviving, blood purity was no longer an affordable concern. With this new sense of belonging, he saw it as his duty to revitalize the empire. To do this he managed to track down and repair the machinery that for Altered Genesis. He then sets up a community of Bloodborne refugees, and hopes to create an army of a million children created in his image, a newer, better bloodline. When he makes the outlandish proposal to Lust, she is initially apprehensive given her shared desire to give her people a fighting chance at survival. She finally declines however, seeing similarity in his opportunistic methods to those that doomed her people in the first place. Furious at her refusal, he deploys his followers to try and subdue her, including a brainwashed Hysteria. Lust defeats them all, and proceeds to stab him through the heart. Lust and Hysteria wonder what it would take for the Blood to truly return, and they hope it will be under the terms that made them great, not the shortsighted ruthlessness that made them fall.