Indigo is a tribal warrior from a demon clan known as the Painted Warriors.


Indigo was a prized fighter of the Painted Warriors who ventured out after being recruited by a band of mercenaries. Recognizing their skill, he hoped traveling with them would give him an opportunity to become stronger.


Indigo can change the color of his skin with a high level of intricacy. Through intense training from his people, he is able to generate psychedelic patterns to disorient and intimidate his prey. He also carries a hallucinogenic slime that he coats on his daggers to enhance this effect.


Indigo has a rather arrogant presence, taking a jovial attitude in even the most dangerous situations. He is also a bit of a trickster, eager to play pranks on others. Though he cannot imitate organic patterns, he is technically capable of blending into his environment. However he prefers to advertise his presence at all times with a garish purple-cyan coloring.