Indulgence is the only demon to gain the powers of The Ordained.  He is also known as Silverhorn, from the horned suit of silver armor he wears into battle.


Indulgence was born into the service of a fire demon warlord known as Brimstone.  He grew up knowing little but violence, culmulating in the battle between Brimstone's milita and The Ordained.  The Ordained wiped out the majority of Brimstone's forces, Indulgence being one of the only survivors.  Being that he was still just a child, Alabaster the knight responcible for slaying him instead decided to spare his life. He confided in The Silver Inquisitor, who agreed to drop any disciplinary action if the child could be a subject of experimentation. He would be a test subject to see if what would happen to a demon with the powers of The Ordained.

Raised by Alabaster, he adopted his fanatical hatred of demons.  He despised himself for what he was, but was lead to believe that he could achieve redemption through sacrifice and devotion. To this end, he trained in the art of demonslaying and became a warrior whose talent rivaled that of the most adept angels.  Alabaster snuck him into the trials to become a member of the Ordained, and he passed all of the initial challenges with ease.  The only diffulty was constructing a Soularm, his demonic blood only providing enough material to create a shortsword.

Word of a demon with a Soularm tradition soon came to light, and many of the Ordained saw his continued existance as blasphemous.  The final word was left up to the higher ranking members of the order, who permitted him to live, but at the same time made it known no punishment would be done for killing him.


Like all of the Ordained, Indulgence wields a Soularm, his in the form of a large broadsword. He is unable to absorb it back into his body, and even holding it is extremely painful.

He also owns a suit of armor made of diluted silver, which both damages enemy demons and taxes his own energy.  In serious battles he is known to take off the armor to achieve his full potential. 


Raised by Alabaster, Indulgence has a great deal of guilt towards his own nature, and strives to overcome it through obsessive devotion to the Heaven. He also shares his surrogate father's heavy sense of justice, and will never stop until the job is done.