Sloth is a powerful demon that can generate a seemingly endless supply of energy.



Sloth was part of a multi-generational eugenics program maintained by The Harbingers to act as a vessel to infinite knowledge.

Sloths parents, like many other test subjects, were born specifically for this purpose in a more cult-like chapter of the Harbingers.


Sloth's mother was present in a raid ordered by the Angelic High Council who sought to make an example of the Harbingers during the Blood Trials. The compound experienced an explosion of unknown origin thought to be caused by the Angels. In actuality, it was chain reaction prompted by the attack that caused Sloth to be born prematurely, unleashing her destructive force in the process.

The blast destroyed the small moon they were on, killing everyone except Sloth and a handful of troops that were in between being teleported. Sloth then went into stasis, and drifted through space. The Surviving troops then delivered Sloth to The Silver Inquisitor.


Though only a few days old, The Angelic High Council found Sloth guilty of ending millions of lives and deemed her too dangerous to exist. The Silver Inquisitor, however, was able to sway them into seeing the benefits of studying her.

Years later, while being transported to another facility her ship would come under attack by Primordials. Pride, happening to be in the area, managed to save several members of the crew and then escape with her. -The Cardinals- Pride then set up a small group of mercenaries as a cover to smuggle her to the Ghost Moon, the place Sloth was born and subsequently destroyed. Though he could somewhat sense the energy within her, he became certain of her importance when the assassin Envy took notice.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sloth is a living conduit to an higher dimension she refers to simply as "Infinity". When properly accessed, it can open a doorway that reveals the inner workings of the universe. To do so however, requires obscene amounts of energy. This means that if opening the gateway is done incorrectly the energy instead spills out, obliterating everything in its path.