When an angel is ready to be officially become a part of The Ordained, they participate in a spiritual journey that culminates in the creation of a sacred instrument called a Soularm.  It is a weapon or tool of the their own design, constructed from a blood drawn directly from the initiate.  This ritual must be accomplished in one sitting, and can not be attempted again.  Not all survive the process, and only those that can prove themselves proficient in battle with their new weapon are permitted into the holy order.

Soularms vary in size, shape, and power, with the largest and the strongest requiring the most blood.  They are deeply connected to the wielder, with highly skilled warriors being able to accomplish great feats with them.  They can be concealed into a pocket dimension and retrieved at any moment from within the owner's body.  Many of the Ordained can also will their weapon to them, even from a great distance. Soularms also contain silver within them, making them toxic to demons.