Torrid is a mercurial swordsman that briefly accompanies Winter and Willow


Torrid worked as a moderately successful sword for hire before encountering an ancient sword of in a burial chamber. The when the booby traps surrounding the sword drew blood, it caused his body to accelerate to a dangerous level. He was then approached by members working for The Constant who offered to save him in return for his service.

One of his first missions was to keep tabs on Winter. They traveled together unaware of her loyalties until Winter began to defy orders and attempt an escape. Torrid was ordered to retrieve them, and he did this by kidnapping Willow and destroying her Ambermen. When Winter learned of his treachery, she shot of his arm off and impaled him with his own sword, causing him to bleed to death at an accelerated rate.


Torrid is a rather talented swordsman, and owns a twin bladed silver sword that he wields with great precision. He is also quite agile with great reflexes, and well versed in combat.

Torrid's skills are largely due to an ancient talisman that grafted itself into his