Willow is a young girl under the custody of Winter, a veteran mercenary she is initially led to believe is her mother but turns out to be a future version of herself.


Willow began a meager an impoverished work site. She was raised by her abusive father until he was killed by a roaming gang of bandits. Soon after she came under the care of Winter, an old woman who claimed to be her mother. The two of them traveled together while Winter performed a series of odd jobs from The Constant.

The duo eventually crossed paths with Neutron and the Wanderers. Willow bonded especially with the bloodseer Tincture, who quickly realized the two were not just related but were in fact the same person. Winter however convinced the group to keep the truth from Willow, believing she was too young to understand.

On a later mission Willow was ordered to stay out of sight, but would run away during a commotion. While trying to hide, she ran into Torrid, a local swordsman. Torrid did his best to protect her, but they would both soon need to be rescued by Winter. Believing himself to be in Winter's debt, he proposed to travel alongside them.

One time while in the desert, Winter came across a tiny yellow man that was suffering from dehydration. Willow named him the Amberman and brought him back to the camp. After giving it a sizable share of water, it ballooned up and divided into several identical blob men. The strange men proved to be very protective of Willow, and began to accompany her as her close friends.

Soon Winter decided to try and escape The Constant in an effort to keep Winter safe. This proved disastrous as Torrid was working for them the whole time. He kidnapped Willow and held her hostage until Winter agreed to resume her duties. Winter relented but quickly killed Torrid in revenge.

Winter finally decided her job was too dangerous to keep a child safe, so she left Willow with some friends until she grew older.

At an unknown point Willow becomes recruited by the Constant to join the Outliers.


Willow begins as a fragile and innocent girl. When she learns of Winter's true nature and work she becomes bitter and full of resentment. As a teenager she is much more streetwise and rebellous.