Wrath (Possibly to be known as Craw) is ferocious, tribal warrior Demon that was one of the first members of the Cardinals.


Spawned on one of the primordial forest worlds, survival of the fittest was ingrained from the moment of conception.  With claws and teeth well developped in utero, it was expected he outmatch a dozen of his own litter in order to survive being born.  This brutal reality would prepare him for the forest of death that was his home.

Wrath would continue to beat the odds and survive into a fast tracked adulthood.  He was an excellent warrior and helped bring much glory to his tribe duruing the Hunts as well as territorial wars with rival tribes.

--Leaving Home--

Though Wrath's world remained mostly untouched by the other worlds, eventually tales of gargantuan bugbeasts and their remarkable strength would attract outside interests.  One day Wrath was captured by such an expidition and sold to a war party that would deploy him in war zones.  His handlers took note that although he could handle damage remarkably well - both dealing and recieving - he had a nasty habit of killing those on both sides indiscriminately.  This prompted him to be sent on a number of solo missions.


When he finally escaped his captors, he was doomed to wander in an aimless state of rage and drug withdrawal. It was in this state that he encountered three travelers. After some planning, they were able to subdue the wearied Wrath and give him medical attention. They left him heavily sedated in order to safely escape, but left some food and a pendant. Deeply confused by the turn of events, he tracked the strangers to a local encampment. His saviors had vanished, but he learned the pendant was a symbol of a mercenary troop that was recruiting nearby. Wrath soon began to take dangerous jobs from the mercenaries, hoping if nothing else to achieve an honorable death. It was through this that Wrath would come into contact with the Cardinals.